0024105: ShapeFix algorithm produces not correct result.
[occt.git] / tests / bugs / moddata_2 /
2013-08-15 Roman Lygin0024045: Invalid test case for matrix-vector multiplication
2013-05-23 omy0023901: Memory leaks in tests.
2013-04-23 gitAdjusting testing case for testing on Debian60 64bit
2013-04-19 abv0023905: Clean obsolete test commands
2013-04-17 pkv0023765: The result of section operation contains redun...
2013-04-15 dbv0023879: Test cases update for Mac OS X platform
2013-04-12 omy0023818: Extend OSD_MemInfo to report C heap statistics
2013-03-07 pkv0023471: Intersection algorithm produces overlapping...
2013-03-01 abv0023793: Tests failing when launched without data files
2013-02-25 bugmasterAdjusting testing cases for current state of OCCT
2013-02-22 skiAdded testing cases from grid CHL
2013-02-11 skiAdjusting testing cases for current state of OCCT
2013-02-08 emv0021762: Integration of new Boolean Operation algorithm...
2013-02-08 skiAdding of testing cases from subgroups 937 940 and...