Correction of testing case for issue 24374
[occt.git] / tests / bugs / heal /
2013-09-05 apn0024121: It's necessary to add TODO in test cases to...
2013-08-29 emv0024126: Crash on fixing the attached shape
2013-08-15 emv0024105: ShapeFix algorithm produces not correct result.
2013-08-01 ika0021317: Face cannot be fixed by Shape Healing
2013-06-14 bugmasterRenaming shape extension of test case
2013-05-31 Roman Lygin0023944: Typo in ShapeCustom_RestrictionParameters...
2013-03-07 ika0023794: Too small precision leads to instability
2013-03-01 abv0023793: Tests failing when launched without data files
2013-02-08 skiAdding of testing cases from subgroups 937 940 and...
2013-02-08 ika0023722: stack overflow during reading IGES in Test...
2013-02-01 apnAdding test cases from chl grid
2013-01-28 nbv0023530: Error in Draw command "checkshape": invalid...
2012-12-28 apnAdding testing cases from chl group
2012-12-21 apnAdding test cases for chl grid
2012-12-05 bugmasterReorganization of bugs testing group
2012-12-04 bugmasterAdjusting testing cases
2012-11-30 apnIntegration part of tests of grid chl