0024105: ShapeFix algorithm produces not correct result.
[occt.git] / tests / bugs / caf /
2013-08-15 szy0023766: Shape orientation processing mechanism redesign
2013-07-18 gka0024047: Exception in TPrsStd_AISPresentation during...
2013-05-16 vro0023912: TDataStd_ExtStringArray::Value() returns a...
2013-04-19 abv0023905: Clean obsolete test commands
2013-04-12 omy0023818: Extend OSD_MemInfo to report C heap statistics
2013-04-01 bugmaster0023799: Crash on copying a label
2013-04-01 apn0021707: Selection of Vertex returns Compound of vertexes
2013-03-25 mkvAdjusting testing cases for current state of OCCT
2013-03-01 abv0023793: Tests failing when launched without data files
2013-02-01 apnAdding test cases from chl grid
2013-01-25 apnAdded test cases to folders /bugs/modalg and /bugs...
2013-01-11 apnAdjusting bugs group for current state of OCCT
2012-12-28 apnAdding testing cases from chl group
2012-12-24 apnPrepared branch for raising to master
2012-12-21 apnAdding test cases for chl grid
2012-12-18 abvRestoring test cases removed by last commit.
2012-12-14 gka0023523: In session DRAW it is impossible to close...
2012-12-10 abvAdjusting testing cases for current state of OCCT
2012-12-10 abvCorrections for tests after integration of 2012-12-07
2012-12-07 abvAdding test cases from grid chl
2012-11-13 abv0023161: Select publicly accessible data files for... V6_5_4
2012-11-09 Roman Lygin0023489: Memory leak in TNaming_NamedShape