0027447: Add support for long IGES entity names
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2016-04-04 abv0027338: Minor corrections in Tcl samples and documentation
2016-01-14 ysn0026804: The level of most VIS Viewer commands is incorrect
2015-12-22 abv0024514: Unclear guidelines to report issues in Mantis
2015-12-22 abv0027023: Documentation -- cross-references are hardly...
2015-07-16 ibs0022827: Make non-CPP source files (CDLs, headers)...
2014-04-10 omy0024722: Move functionality of WOK command wgendoc...
2013-11-07 ibsdocumentation updated V6_7_0_beta
2013-10-17 ibs0023962: Moving OCCT documentation to sources