0030878: Modeling Algorithms - BRepLib_MakeFace produces face with abnormal surface
[occt.git] / tests / offset / wire_unclosed_outside_0_025 / B4
5646c90e 1puts "TODO OCC31005 ALL: Faulty shapes in variables"
2puts "TODO OCC31005 ALL: Error : The length of result shape is"
3puts "TODO OCC31005 ALL: Error : The resulting shape is WRONG"
ab87e6fc 4
34dd4990 5restore [locate_data_file case_3_wire2.brep] s
5805221e 6
e784d865 7set length 946.063
8set nbsh_v 79
9set nbsh_e 79
3d58dc49 10set nbsh_w 2
5805221e 11