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a6eb515f 1-- Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Matra Datavision
2-- Copyright (c) 1999-2012 OPEN CASCADE SAS
4-- The content of this file is subject to the Open CASCADE Technology Public
5-- License Version 6.5 (the "License"). You may not use the content of this file
6-- except in compliance with the License. Please obtain a copy of the License
7-- at http://www.opencascade.org and read it completely before using this file.
9-- The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Open CASCADE S.A.S., having its
10-- main offices at: 1, place des Freres Montgolfier, 78280 Guyancourt, France.
12-- The Original Code and all software distributed under the License is
13-- distributed on an "AS IS" basis, without warranty of any kind, and the
14-- Initial Developer hereby disclaims all such warranties, including without
15-- limitation, any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular
16-- purpose or non-infringement. Please see the License for the specific terms
17-- and conditions governing the rights and limitations under the License.
19class DimensionAspect from Prs3d inherits BasicAspect from Prs3d
21 ---Purpose: defines the attributes when drawing a Length Presentation.
d7bffd44 23 DimensionTextHorizontalPosition from Prs3d,
24 DimensionTextVerticalPosition from Prs3d,
a6eb515f 25 DimensionArrowOrientation from Prs3d,
26 AspectLine3d from Graphic3d,
27 ArrowAspect from Prs3d,
28 LineAspect from Prs3d,
29 TextAspect from Prs3d,
30 NameOfColor from Quantity,
31 Color from Quantity,
32 TypeOfLine from Aspect,
33 PlaneAngle from Quantity,
34 TypeOfLine from Aspect
37 Create returns mutable DimensionAspect from Prs3d;
38 --- Purpose: Constructs an empty framework to define the display of dimensions.
40 LineAspect(me) returns mutable LineAspect from Prs3d;
41 ---Purpose: Returns the settings for the display of lines used in presentation of dimensions.
43 SetLineAspect(me: mutable; theAspect: LineAspect from Prs3d);
44 ---Purpose: Sets the display attributes of lines used in presentation of dimensions.
46 TextAspect(me) returns mutable TextAspect from Prs3d is static;
47 --- Purpose: Returns the settings for the display of text used in presentation of dimensions.
49 SetTextAspect(me:mutable; theAspect: TextAspect from Prs3d) is static;
50 ---Purpose: Sets the display attributes of text used in presentation of dimensions.
52 IsText3d(me) returns Boolean from Standard;
53 --- Purpose: Check if text for dimension label is 3d.
55 MakeText3d (me:mutable; isText3d: Boolean from Standard);
56 ---Purpose: Sets type of text.
58 IsTextShaded (me) returns Boolean from Standard;
59 --- Purpose: Check if 3d text for dimension label is shaded.
61 MakeTextShaded (me: mutable; isTextShaded: Boolean from Standard);
62 --- Purpose: Turns on/off text shading for 3d text.
64 IsArrows3d(me) returns Boolean from Standard;
65 --- Purpose: Gets type of arrows.
67 MakeArrows3d (me:mutable; isArrows3d: Boolean from Standard);
68 ---Purpose: Sets type of arrows.
70 SetArrowOrientation(me: mutable; theArrowOrient: DimensionArrowOrientation from Prs3d);
71 --- Purpose: Sets orientation of arrows (external or internal).
72 -- By default orientation is chosen automatically according to situation and text label size.
d7bffd44 74 ArrowOrientation (me) returns DimensionArrowOrientation from Prs3d;
a6eb515f 75 --- Purpose: Gets orientation of arrows (external or internal).
d7bffd44 77 SetTextVerticalPosition (me: mutable; thePosition : DimensionTextVerticalPosition from Prs3d);
a6eb515f 78 --- Purpose: Sets vertical text alignment for text label.
d7bffd44 80 TextVerticalPosition (me) returns DimensionTextVerticalPosition from Prs3d;
a6eb515f 81 --- Purpose: Gets vertical text alignment for text label.
d7bffd44 83 SetTextHorizontalPosition (me: mutable; thePosition: DimensionTextHorizontalPosition from Prs3d);
a6eb515f 84 --- Purpose: Sets horizontal text alignment for text label.
d7bffd44 86 TextHorizontalPosition (me) returns DimensionTextHorizontalPosition from Prs3d;
a6eb515f 87 --- Purpose: Gets horizontal text alignment for text label.
89 ArrowAspect(me) returns mutable ArrowAspect from Prs3d is static;
90 --- Purpose: Returns the settings for displaying arrows.
92 SetArrowAspect(me: mutable; theAspect: ArrowAspect from Prs3d) is static;
93 ---Purpose: Sets the display attributes of arrows used in presentation of dimensions.
95 SetCommonColor(me:mutable; theColor: Color from Quantity) is static;
96 ---Purpose: Sets the same color for all parts of dimension: lines, arrows and text.
d7bffd44 98 SetExtensionSize (me : mutable; theSize : Real from Standard) is static;
99 ---Purpose: Sets extension size.
101 ExtensionSize (me) returns Real from Standard;
102 ---Purpose: Returns extension size.
a6eb515f 104fields
106 myLineAspect: LineAspect from Prs3d;
107 ---Purpose: Text style. The size for 3d (or 2d) text is also inside here.
d7bffd44 108
a6eb515f 109 myTextAspect: TextAspect from Prs3d;
110 myArrowAspect : ArrowAspect from Prs3d;
111 myIsText3d : Boolean from Standard;
112 myIsTextShaded : Boolean from Standard;
113 myIsArrows3d: Boolean from Standard;
d7bffd44 114
a6eb515f 115 myArrowOrientation : DimensionArrowOrientation from Prs3d;
d7bffd44 116 ---Purpose: Dimension arrow orientation.
a6eb515f 117 -- By default, it is computed automatically. Its value depends on the text
118 -- bouning rectangle size and distance between two flyouts.
d7bffd44 119 -- By default, it is "fit" one.
121 myTextHPosition : DimensionTextHorizontalPosition from Prs3d;
122 ---Purpose: Defines horizontal position of text value label, by default it is
123 -- "fit" - selected automatically depending on label-to-dimension size relation.
125 myTextVPosition : DimensionTextVerticalPosition from Prs3d;
126 ---Purpose: Defines vertical position of text value label, by default it is center.
128 myExtensionSize : Real from Standard;
129 ---Purpose: Size of arrow extensions.
130 -- The length of arrow tails if arrows are located outside dimension line.
a6eb515f 132end DimensionAspect from Prs3d;