0023962: Moving OCCT documentation to sources
[occt.git] / gendoc.bat
72b7576f 1@echo off
3rem Helper script to run generation of OCCT documentation on Windows.
4rem Running it requires that Tcl, Doxygen, and MikTex (for PDF generation)
5rem should be in the PATH
7if exist "%~dp0env.bat" (
8 call "%~dp0env.bat"
11if not ["%1"] == ["-h"] (
12 tclsh85.exe %~dp0dox/start.tcl %*
13) else (
14 echo.
15 echo gen.bat options:
16 echo -html : To generate HTML files ^(cannot be used with -pdf^)
17 echo -pdf : To generate PDF files ^(cannot be used with -html^)
18 echo -m^=^<modules_list^> : Specifies list of articles to generate. If it is not specified, all files, mentioned in FILES.txt are processed
19 echo "-l=<document_name> : Specifies the article caption for a single document"
20 echo -h : Prints help message
21 echo -v : Specifies the Verbose mode ^(info on all script actions is shown^)
22 echo.