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72b7576f 1 Developer Guides {#dev_guides}
e5bd0d98 4The following documents provide information on OCCT building, development and testing:
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ba06f8bb 6* @subpage occt_dev_guides__building "Building OCCT from sources"
7* @subpage occt_dev_guides__documentation "Documentation system"
8* @subpage occt_dev_guides__coding_rules "Coding Rules"
9* @subpage occt_dev_guides__contribution_workflow "Contribution Workflow"
10* @subpage occt_dev_guides__git_guide "Guide to installing and using Git for OCCT development"
11* @subpage occt_dev_guides__tests "Automatic Testing system"
12* @subpage occt_dev_guides__debug "Debugging tools and hints"
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c6f11ec0 14The following guide provides information relevant to upgrading applications developed with previous versions of OCCT, to recent one:
16* @subpage occt_dev_guides__upgrade "Upgrade from previous OCCT versions"