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ba06f8bb 1Building with MS Visual C++ {#occt_dev_guides__building_msvc}
72b7576f 2===========================
576f8b11 4This file describes steps to build OCCT libraries from a complete source
5archive on Windows with <b>MS Visual C++</b>.
72b7576f 6
576f8b11 7If you build OCCT from bare sources (as in Git repository) or do some
72b7576f 8changes affecting CDL files, you need to use WOK to re-generate header files
ba06f8bb 9and build scripts / projects. See \ref occt_dev_guides__building_wok for instructions.
72b7576f 10
576f8b11 11Before building OCCT, you need to install the required third-party libraries; see
ba06f8bb 12paragraph 1 of \ref occt_dev_guides__building for instructions.
72b7576f 13
576f8b11 141. Edit file *custom.bat* to define the environment:
72b7576f 15
576f8b11 16 - *VCVER* - version of Visual Studio (vc8, vc9, vc10, vc11 or vc12),
17 and relevant *VCVARS* path
18 - *ARCH* - architecture (32 or 64), affects only *PATH* variable for execution
19 - <i>HAVE_*</i> - flags to enable or disable use of optional third-party products
72b7576f 20 - CSF_OPT_* - paths to search for includes and binaries of all used
21 third-party products
576f8b11 232. Launch *msvc.bat* to start Visual Studio with all necessary environment
72b7576f 24 variables defined.
576f8b11 26 Note: the MSVC project files are located in folders <i>adm\\msvc\\vc[9-12]</i>.
27 Binaries are produced in *win32* or *win64* folders.
72b7576f 28
293. Build with Visual Studio
39080842 31 Note: If VTK was not installed on you computer and you are not interested in usage of
32 OCCT VTK Integration Services (VIS) component you should exclude TKIVtk and TKIVtkDraw
33 projects from process of compilation in the main menu <b>Build / Configuration Manager</b>.
576f8b11 35To start DRAW, launch *draw.bat*.