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ba06f8bb 1Building OCCT from sources {#occt_dev_guides__building}
dba69de2 2=========
dba69de2 4In order to build OCCT libraries from these sources for use in your program,
5you need to:
e5bd0d98 71. Make sure you have all required third-party libraries installed (check
8 software requirements in \ref OCCT_OVW_SECTION_5 "Overview").
10 See the following documents for short guide to installation of
11 third-party libraries on different platforms:
ba06f8bb 12 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_3rdparty_windows
13 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_3rdparty_linux
14 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_3rdparty_osx
dba69de2 15
e5bd0d98 162. If you use bare OCCT sources from Git repository or made some changes affecting
17 CDL files or dependencies of OCCT toolkits, you need to update header files generated
ba06f8bb 18 from \ref occt_dev_guides__cdl "CDL", and regenerate build scripts for your environment using WOK.
19 See \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_wok for details.
dba69de2 20
21 Skip to step 3 if you use complete source package (e.g. official OCCT
22 release) without changes in CDL.
243. Build using your preferred build tool.
ba06f8bb 25 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_automake "Building on Linux with Autotools"
26 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_cmake "Building with CMake (cross-platform)"
9f33b387 27 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_android "Building with CMake and ADT for Android (cross-platform)"
ba06f8bb 28 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_code_blocks "Building on Mac OS X with Code::Blocks"
29 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_msvc "Building on Windows with MS Visual Studio"
30 - \subpage occt_dev_guides__building_xcode "Building on Mac OS X with Xcode"
dba69de2 31
32The current version of OCCT can be consulted in the file src/Standard/Standard_Version.hxx