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[occt.git] / README.txt
e5bd0d98 1Open CASCADE Technology
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47d9074a 4This directory contains sources of Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT), a software
5development platform providing services for 3D surface and solid modeling, CAD
6data exchange, and visualization. Most of OCCT functionality is available in
7the form of C++ libraries. OCCT can be best applied in development of software
8dealing with 3D modeling (CAD), manufacturing / measuring (CAM) or numerical
9simulation (CAE).
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e5bd0d98 11License
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47d9074a 14Open CASCADE Technology is free software; you can redistribute it and / or
15modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public version 2.1 as
16published by the Free Software Foundation, with special exception defined in
17the file OCCT_LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt. Consult the file LICENSE_LGPL_21.txt included
18in OCCT distribution for complete text of the license.
20Alternatively, Open CASCADE Technology may be used under the terms of Open
21CASCADE commercial license or contractual agreement.
23Note that Open CASCADE Technology is provided on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT
24WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. The entire risk related to any use of the OCCT code and
25materials is on you. See the license text for formal disclaimer.
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e5bd0d98 27Packaging
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e5bd0d98 30You can receive certified version of OCCT code in different packages.
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944d808c 32- Snapshot of Git repository: contains C++ header and source files of OCCT,
33 documentation sources, build scripts, and CMake project files.
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944d808c 35- Complete source archive: contains all sources of OCCT, generated HTML and PDF
36 documentation, and ready-to-use projects for building on all officially
37 supported platforms.
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e5bd0d98 39- Binary package (platform-specific): in addition to complete source archive,
47d9074a 40 it includes binaries of OCCT and third-party libraries built on one platform.
e5bd0d98 41 This package allows using OCCT immediately after installation.
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944d808c 43Certified versions of OCCT can be downloaded from http://www.opencascade.com
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45You can also find OCCT pre-installed on your system, or install it from
46packages provided by a third party. Note that packaging and functionality
47of such versions can be different from certified releases. Please consult
944d808c 48documentation accompanying your version for details.
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53Open file doc/html/index.html to browse HTML documentation.
55If HTML documentation is not available in your package, you can:
57- Generate it from sources.
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59 You need to have Tcl and Doxygen 1.8.4 (or above) installed on your system.
60 and accessible in your environment (check environment variable PATH).
944d808c 61 Use batch file *gendoc.bat* on Windows or Bash script *gendoc* on Linux
62 or OS X to (re)generate documentation.
e5bd0d98 63
64- Read documentation in source plain text (MarkDown) format found in
65 subfolder *dox*
67See *dox/dev_guides/documentation/documentation.md* for details.
72In most cases you need to rebuild OCCT on your platform (OS, compiler) before
73using it in your project, to ensure binary compatibility.
75Consult the file *dox/dev_guides/building/building.md* for instructions on
76building OCCT from sources on supported platforms.
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81The current version of OCCT can be consulted in the file
e5bd0d98 82*src/Standard/Standard_Version.hxx*
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e5bd0d98 84Development
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e5bd0d98 87For information regarding OCCT code development please consult the official
88OCCT Collaborative Development Portal: