0014531: Boolean Operation Algorithm fails
[occt.git] / tests / gdt /
2016-09-15 ika0027808: Some geometric_tolerances are not imported.
2016-09-15 ika0027313: Exception during WriteStep with PMI
2016-09-01 ika0027807: Units are lost during import presentation...
2016-08-25 ika0027645: Data Exchange - access violation when reading...
2016-05-12 ika0027455: Implementation of connection points
2016-04-14 ika0027372: Import/Export dimension text position
2016-04-08 ika0027304: Implemetation of descriptions for Dimensions
2016-04-08 ika0027336: Update STEP entities, according to AP242
2016-04-08 ika0027235: Export GDT: Annotation plane and Presentation.
2015-12-04 ika0026859: Export of GDT from XCAF to STEP
2015-11-05 ink0026689: Necessary to improve STEPCAFControl_Reader...
2015-08-20 ink0026411: Necessary to improve XCAF to store and queryin...