0025624: Visualization - selection is incorrect in perspective mode in a specific...
[occt.git] / tests / bugs / step /
2015-02-05 aml0022598: Approximation of p-curve by 2D line
2015-02-05 ika0024601: Unwanted spheres shown after Step-Import
2015-01-22 Roman Lygin0025694: Change STEP exporter to use AP214 IS by default
2015-01-15 ink0025523: Fail to read back solid written to STEP
2014-12-11 pkv0025509: Wrong shape considered as valid by checkshape
2014-11-06 pdn0025367: IGES and BRep persistence - support unicode...
2014-08-22 bugmasterAdding test cases for issue 25167, 25168, 25169
2014-08-21 martinsiggel0022680: Empty result after STEP import
2014-08-21 drazmyslovich0025166: STEP Reader - allow GEOMETRIC_SET entity to...
2014-07-24 ika0025092: COMPSOLIDs are not exported to STEP
2014-07-10 ika0024990: StepWrite fails on the attached shape
2014-05-29 ika0024055: Reading a STEP file produces invalid shape
2014-02-13 apnAdded test case bugs/step/bug24055 for issue 24055.
2014-01-31 bugmasterModified test case (increase cpulimit in Debug mode)
2014-01-30 apn0024024: Slow import of specific STEP data
2013-12-12 gka0024283: STEP read failes to read unbound advanced_face
2013-11-28 gka0024383: Access violation during STEP file import
2013-11-01 apn0024223: Review of unstable test cases
2013-09-12 apn0024156: It's necessary to add TODO in test cases to...
2013-09-12 omy0024135: Result of reading step file is invalid.
2013-03-01 szyAdding new tests cases from chl grid
2013-03-01 abv0023793: Tests failing when launched without data files
2013-02-01 apnAdding test cases from chl grid
2013-01-11 apnAdjusting bugs group for current state of OCCT
2012-12-28 apnAdding testing cases from chl group
2012-12-24 apnPrepared branch for raising to master
2012-12-21 apnAdding test cases for chl grid
2012-12-21 bugmaster0023203: STEP import produces wrong surface of revoluti...
2012-12-07 abv0023561: stepwrite and brepiges dont work with big...
2012-12-05 bugmasterReorganization of bugs testing group
2012-12-04 bugmasterAdjusting testing cases
2012-11-30 apnIntegration part of tests of grid chl
2012-11-23 vsr0023567: Wrong STEP unit is returned by STEPControl_Rea...
2012-11-23 ika0023379: Exporting single point into STEP produces...
2012-10-26 ika0022871: Step Reader raises exception on invalid entity...