0026106: BRepMesh - revision of data model
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2018-11-02 oan0026106: BRepMesh - revision of data model
2016-06-16 ifv0027108: GCPnt_TangentialDeflection does not respect...
2016-05-13 msv0027490: BRepMesh: Reduce number of memory allocations
2016-04-29 oan0027384: BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh does not take angular...
2016-02-05 ski0027126: Create command checktrinfo to verify meshes
2016-02-05 ski0026833: Create command checkview containing all viewer...
2014-10-16 apn0025313: Review of TODOs in test cases for unused platforms
2012-12-24 apnPrepared branch for raising to master
2012-12-21 apnAdding test cases for chl grid
2012-12-05 bugmasterReorganization of bugs testing group