0024675: Crash reading a VRML file
[occt.git] / tests / bugs / end
2014-03-06 vro0024675: Crash reading a VRML file
2013-10-03 jgv0024140: Endless loop in BRepAlgoAPI_Section
2013-07-12 omy0023947: Eliminate trivial compiler warnings in MSVC...
2013-06-13 aba0023670: Support for multiple 3D views: edited commands...
2013-04-12 oan0023512: Incorrect triangulation on revolution shape
2013-04-01 ikaAdjusting testing cases for current state of OCCT
2013-01-25 aba0023663: Removing 2D viewer library
2013-01-25 ika0023062: Incorrect display of edge in draw axo viewer
2013-01-04 apnAdjusting testing cases
2012-12-28 apnAdding testing cases from chl group
2012-12-21 apnAdding test cases for chl grid
2012-12-07 dbv0023415: OSD_FontMgr can't idenify aspect for fonts...
2012-12-05 bugmasterReorganization of bugs testing group
2012-10-19 miv0023434: Generate images in lossless format (PNG) inste...
2012-10-05 kgv0023234: Incorrect behavior of AIS_Trihedron
2012-09-14 apl0023407: Draw face outlines for XDE objects
2012-09-06 apn0023410: QA commands don't work properly in new testing...
2012-08-31 sneeraj0023377: Error in importing a rational spline IGES...