0027860: Visualization - clean up Transformation Persistence API
[occt.git] / src / Graphic3d / Graphic3d_ClipPlane.hxx
2016-08-11 kgv0027751: Visualization, Graphic3d_ClipPlane - add optio...
2016-01-22 Jacob Abel0027105: Make code ISO-compliant [-Wpedantic fixes]
2015-12-04 abv0026936: Drawbacks of inlining in new type system in...
2015-07-11 abv0024023: Revamp the OCCT Handle -- automatic
2015-07-11 abv0024947: Redesign OCCT legacy type system -- automatic
2015-04-16 isk0026033: Coding rules - get rid from _Handle classes
2014-02-20 abv0024624: Lost word in license statement in source files
2013-12-17 bugmster0024428: Implementation of LGPL license
2013-10-10 apl0024224: Suspicious logics in changing clipping planes...
2013-09-20 apl0024070: OpenGL capped object-level clipping planes