0024624: Lost word in license statement in source files
[occt.git] / src / AdvApp2Var / AdvApp2Var_ApproxF2var.cxx
2014-02-20 abv0024624: Lost word in license statement in source files
2014-01-09 Denis Barbier0024510: Remove unused local variables
2013-12-17 bugmster0024428: Implementation of LGPL license
2013-09-18 omy0024162: Eliminate CLang compiler warning
2013-08-22 omy0024059: Eliminate compiler warning C4701 in MSVC+...
2013-07-12 ibs0024048: "Basic Runtime Checks" option of VS projects...
2013-05-31 Roman Lygin0023952: Improving thread-safety of intersections,...
2012-03-29 Roman Lygin0022786: 64bit issue in AdvApp2Var
2012-03-21 bugmaster0023024: Update headers of OCCT files
2012-03-05 KGV0022550: Fixing data races
2012-03-05 YSN0022312: Translation of french commentaries in OCCT...
2012-03-05 bugmasterIntegration of OCCT 6.5.0 from SVN V6_5_0