0023741: Research and remove CSFDB support from OCCT if it is necessary
[occt.git] / samples / mfc / standard / 04_Viewer3d / adm / win / vc11 / Viewer3d.vcxproj
2015-10-16 ski0023741: Research and remove CSFDB support from OCCT...
2015-10-15 ski0026741: Problem with building samples and demo
2015-05-21 dln0024927: Getting rid of "Persistent" functionality...
2014-10-09 aba0025284: Problems with standard MFC samples
2014-07-31 kgv0024943: Port MFC samples to UNICODE for compatibility...
2013-11-21 ibs0024355: Compiler Warning level 4 for MFC samples
2013-11-01 kgvSamples update
2013-03-14 aba0023776: Redesign of MFC samples after V2d viewer removing
2012-11-30 bugmaster23563: Introduce support of MS Visual Studio 2012