0024331: CMake scripts improvements
[occt.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2013-11-14 ibs0024331: CMake scripts improvements
2013-11-14 dbp0024352: Add Shaders directory to OCCT resources
2013-10-31 ibs0024153: Adding OpenCL to OCCT prerequisites
2013-10-17 abv0024227: Enable SSE2 instructions for OCCT building
2013-10-11 ibs0024227: Enable SSE2 instructions for OCCT building
2013-10-10 abv0024227: Enable SS2 instructions for OCCT building
2013-09-16 ibsSetting Warning Level for Windows (MSVC) to /W4 and...
2013-07-17 ibs0024054: Move the dynamic part of main CMakeLists.txt...
2013-06-26 abv0023957: Provide CMakeLists.txt file in root folder...