0025976: Conversion of an offset face from a spline into a spline face hangs-up the...
[occt.git] / tests / offset / wire_closed_outside_0_005 / E8
26347898 1puts "TODO ?OCC23068 ALL: Faulty shapes in variables faulty_1 to faulty_"
2puts "TODO ?OCC23068 ALL: Error : result is not a topological shape"
3puts "TODO ?OCC23068 ALL: Error : The offset cannot be built."
ab87e6fc 4puts "TODO ?OCC23068 ALL: An exception was caught"
5puts "TODO ?OCC23068 ALL: \\*\\* Exception \\*\\*.*"
6puts "TODO ?OCC23748 ALL: Error: Offset is not done."
5805221e 7
5805221e 8restore [locate_data_file offset_wire_059.brep] s
10set length 347.204
873c119f 11set nbsh_v 583
12set nbsh_e 583
5805221e 13set nbsh_w 1