0024809: Exception is raised during perform of "bfillds" command on attached shape
[occt.git] / tests / heal / parse.rules
40093367 1FAILED /\bFaulty\b/ bad shape
ab8fcacf 2IGNORE /Error: Number of intervals are not equal for 2d 3d. Ignored./ Debug mode message from DT_ShapeDivide
3IGNORE /Warning: GeomConvert_ApproxSurface Exception: try to decrease continuity/ DEbug mode message from DT_ToBspl
c2f5c748 4IGNORE /Error: ShapeFix_ComposeShell::MakeFacesOnPatch: can[']t dispatch wires/ Debug mode output
5IGNORE /Warning: ShapeFix_WireSegment::DefineI[UV]M[ia][nx]: indexation error/ debug mode output on bad geometries
6IGNORE /error = [0-9eE.+-]+\s+spans = [0-9]+/ debug output of surface approximator