0023912: TDataStd_ExtStringArray::Value() returns a copy of TCollection_ExtendedStrin...
[occt.git] / tests / de / parse.rules
c97067ad 1FAILED /\bFaulty\b/ error
2IGNORE /Error on Record/ message during loading file
3IGNORE /Software error/ message in tpstat
9753e6de 4IGNORE /Syntax error/ message in data c
c97067ad 5IGNORE /Transfer error/ message in tpstat
6IGNORE /Operator FixShape failed with exception/ message during reading
7IGNORE /Error on writing file/ message during writing file
8IGNORE /StepFile Error/ message during loading step file
9IGNORE /StepToTopoDS, GeometricSet/exception
10IGNORE /OSD_Exception_ACCESS_VIOLATION/ exception during reading step
9753e6de 11IGNORE /Exception Raised while reading Step File/ exception during reading step file
12IGNORE /Warning: ShapeFix_.* Exception/ internal exceptions caught by FixShape