Adding of testing cases from subgroups 937 940 and 941 of CHL group
[occt.git] / tests / bugs / modalg_1 / bug110_1
a87752f3 1
2puts "========================"
3puts " BUC60706 "
4puts " OCC110 "
5puts "(cases 1-3)"
6puts "========================"
8restore [locate_data_file buc60706a.brep] f
352ffd73 9checkshape f
a87752f3 10
11restore [locate_data_file buc60706b.brep] w
352ffd73 12checkshape w
a87752f3 13pipe t w f
15restore [locate_data_file buc60706c.brep] s
352ffd73 16checkshape s
a87752f3 17
18bcut res_1 s t
352ffd73 19checkshape res_1
a87752f3 20
21restore [locate_data_file buc60706d.brep] f
352ffd73 22checkshape f
a87752f3 23
24restore [locate_data_file buc60706e.brep] w
352ffd73 25checkshape w
a87752f3 26pipe t w f
28bcut res_2 res_1 t
352ffd73 29checkshape res_2
a87752f3 30
31restore [locate_data_file buc60706g.brep] f
352ffd73 32checkshape f
a87752f3 33
34restore [locate_data_file buc60706h.brep] w
352ffd73 35checkshape w
a87752f3 36pipe t w f
38bcut result res_2 t
40set square 865172
41set 2dviewer 0