0028599: Replacement of old Boolean operations with new ones in BRepProj_Projection...
[occt.git] / tests / bugs / modalg_1 / buc60462_2
2674244c 1puts "TODO OCC27024 ALL: Error : operation bfuse is WRONG because number of SOLID entities in shape"
6fa29cbf 2
a87752f3 3puts "=========="
4puts "BUC60462"
5puts "=========="
7restore [locate_data_file buc60462c.brep] a
352ffd73 8checkshape a
a87752f3 9restore [locate_data_file buc60462d.brep] b
352ffd73 10checkshape b
a87752f3 11puts "Fuse begin"
12bfuse result a b
13puts "Fuse end"
03cca6f7 15checkshape result
3510db62 16checknbshapes result -solid 1 -m "operation bfuse"
58cf74e0 17checkprops result -s 93237.9
5747059b 18checkview -display result -2d -path ${imagedir}/${test_image}.png