0031313: Foundation Classes - Dump improvement for classes
[occt.git] / src / XmlTObjDrivers / XmlTObjDrivers.hxx
b311480e 1// Created on: 2004-11-24
2// Created by: Michael SAZONOV
973c2be1 3// Copyright (c) 2004-2014 OPEN CASCADE SAS
b311480e 4//
973c2be1 5// This file is part of Open CASCADE Technology software library.
b311480e 6//
d5f74e42 7// This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
8// the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 as published
973c2be1 9// by the Free Software Foundation, with special exception defined in the file
10// OCCT_LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt. Consult the file LICENSE_LGPL_21.txt included in OCCT
11// distribution for complete text of the license and disclaimer of any warranty.
b311480e 12//
973c2be1 13// Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of Open CASCADE
14// commercial license or contractual agreement.
b311480e 15
7fd59977 16// The original implementation Copyright: (C) RINA S.p.A
18#ifndef XmlTObjDrivers_HeaderFile
19#define XmlTObjDrivers_HeaderFile
21#include <TObj_Common.hxx>
22#include <Standard_GUID.hxx>
6fe96f84 24class XmlMDF_ADriverTable;
83ae3591 25class Message_Messenger;
6fe96f84 26class TDocStd_Application;
7fd59977 27
6fe96f84 28//! Class for registering storage/retrieval drivers for TObj XML persistence
7fd59977 29
30class XmlTObjDrivers
32 public:
6fe96f84 33
34 //! Returns a driver corresponding to <aGUID>. Used for plugin.
ce8b059a 35 Standard_EXPORT static const Handle(Standard_Transient)& Factory
7fd59977 36 (const Standard_GUID& aGUID);
6fe96f84 37
38 //! Defines format "TObjXml" and registers its read and write drivers
39 //! in the specified application
40 Standard_EXPORT static void DefineFormat (const Handle(TDocStd_Application)& theApp);
7fd59977 41
42 Standard_EXPORT static void AddDrivers
43 (const Handle(XmlMDF_ADriverTable)& aDriverTable,
83ae3591 44 const Handle(Message_Messenger)& anMsgDrv);
7fd59977 45
50#ifdef _MSC_VER
51#pragma once