0025074: Intf_Polygon2d - add virtual destructor
[occt.git] / src / Intf / Intf_Polygon2d.cdl
6aca4d39 1-- Created on: 2012-02-10
b311480e 2-- Created by: Serey ZERCHANINOV
6aca4d39 3-- Copyright (c) 2012-2014 OPEN CASCADE SAS
b311480e 4--
973c2be1 5-- This file is part of Open CASCADE Technology software library.
b311480e 6--
d5f74e42 7-- This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
8-- the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 as published
973c2be1 9-- by the Free Software Foundation, with special exception defined in the file
10-- OCCT_LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt. Consult the file LICENSE_LGPL_21.txt included in OCCT
11-- distribution for complete text of the license and disclaimer of any warranty.
b311480e 12--
973c2be1 13-- Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of Open CASCADE
14-- commercial license or contractual agreement.
9530af27 15
16deferred class Polygon2d from Intf
ff8178ef 18 ---Purpose: Describes the necessary polygon information to compute
19 -- the interferences.
9530af27 20
21uses Pnt2d from gp,
22 Box2d from Bnd
24raises OutOfRange from Standard
28 Bounding (me)
29 returns Box2d from Bnd;
30 ---C++: return const &
31 ---C++: inline
32 ---Purpose: Returns the bounding box of the polygon.
34 Closed (me)
35 returns Boolean from Standard is virtual;
36 ---Purpose: Returns True if the polyline is closed.
ac83e94f 37 ---C++: alias " virtual ~Intf_Polygon2d() {}"
9530af27 38
39 DeflectionOverEstimation (me) returns Real from Standard is deferred;
40 ---Purpose: Returns the tolerance of the polygon.
42 NbSegments (me) returns Integer from Standard is deferred;
43 ---Purpose: Returns the number of Segments in the polyline.
45 Segment (me; theIndex : in Integer from Standard;
46 theBegin, theEnd : in out Pnt2d from gp)
47 raises OutOfRange from Standard is deferred;
48 ---Purpose: Returns the points of the segment <Index> in the Polygon.
52 myBox : Box2d from Bnd is protected;
54end Polygon2d;