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[occt.git] / src / Aspect / Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc.hxx
973c2be1 1// Copyright (c) 1999-2014 OPEN CASCADE SAS
b311480e 2//
973c2be1 3// This file is part of Open CASCADE Technology software library.
b311480e 4//
d5f74e42 5// This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
6// the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 as published
973c2be1 7// by the Free Software Foundation, with special exception defined in the file
8// OCCT_LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt. Consult the file LICENSE_LGPL_21.txt included in OCCT
9// distribution for complete text of the license and disclaimer of any warranty.
b311480e 10//
973c2be1 11// Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of Open CASCADE
12// commercial license or contractual agreement.
b311480e 13
7fd59977 14#ifndef _Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc_HeaderFile
15#define _Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc_HeaderFile
5e27df78 16
7fd59977 17#include <Aspect_Display.hxx>
18#include <Aspect_Drawable.hxx>
19#include <Aspect_RenderingContext.hxx>
5e27df78 20#include <Handle_Standard_Transient.hxx>
7fd59977 21
22// The flags below provide additional information to define the moment when
23// callback was invoked in redraw procedure. These flags are bitwise OR'ed
24// with the "reason" value of callback:
25// 1) OCC_PRE_REDRAW - callback was invoked before redrawing underlayer
26// ( at the beginning of redraw procedure );
27// 2) OCC_PRE_OVERLAY - callback was invoked before redrawing overlayer;
28// Otherwise, if no flags added to the "reason" value, the callback was
29// invoked at the end of redraw ( after the overlayer is redrawn )
30#define OCC_PRE_REDRAW 0x4000
7fd59977 31#define OCC_PRE_OVERLAY 0x8000
33// mask for all additional callbacks that invoked in process of redrawing
5e27df78 36typedef struct
38 int reason;
39 int wsID;
40 int viewID;
41 Handle(Standard_Transient) glContext;
42} Aspect_GraphicCallbackStruct;
7fd59977 43
5e27df78 44// Prototype for callback function to perform custom drawing within the same window and GL context.
45typedef int (*Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc) (Aspect_Drawable theWindowID,
46 void* theUserData,
47 Aspect_GraphicCallbackStruct* theCallData);
7fd59977 48
7fd59977 49class Handle(Standard_Type);
50const Handle(Standard_Type)& STANDARD_TYPE(Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc);
7fd59977 52#endif /* _Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc_HeaderFile */