0027158: BRepMesh manage vertex tolerance in parametric space in improper way
[occt.git] / samples / qt / AndroidQt / genproj.bat
41bf7e0b 1@echo off
2REM Generation of vcproj files with qmake utilite
3REM Variable QTDIR and PATH to qmake executable must be defined without fail
5REM Use first argument to specify version of Visual Studio (vc10, vc11, vc12 or vc14),
6REM second argument specifies architecture) (win32 or win64)
7REM third argument specifies Debug or Release mode
9call "%~dp0env.bat" %1 %2 %3
10call "%VCVARS%" %VCARCH%
11qmake -tp vc -r -o AndroidQt.sln AndroidQt0.pro