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[occt.git] / adm / svgdiff.bat
efe9d997 1@echo off
2rem Script to diff SVG images visually (as PNG) in TortoiseGit client
4rem It assumes that Inkscape and TortoiseGitIDiff executables are either
5rem installed in default locations in Program Files, or are accessible by PATH
7rem To use this script for diffing SVG images, open TortoiseGit settings
8rem (Start -> Programs -> TortoiseGit -> Settings), select "Diff Viewer",
9rem click button "Advanced..." on the right tab and then add new record:
10rem - Extension: .svg
11rem - External program: <path to OCCT>\adm\svgdiff.bat %base %mine %bname %yname
13rem Remove double quotes around arguments
14set "f1=%1"
15set "f2=%2"
16set "f1=%f1:~1,-1%.png"
17set "f2=%f2:~1,-1%.png"
19rem Check if Inkscape and TortoiseGit are installed in default locations in
20rem ProgramFiles; if not, assume they still may be accessible by PATH
21set "inkscape=%ProgramFiles%\Inkscape\inkscape.exe"
22if not exist "%inkscape%" set inkscape=inkscape.exe
23set "tgitidiff=%ProgramFiles%\TortoiseGit\bin\TortoiseGitIDiff.exe"
24if not exist "%tgitidiff%" set tgitidiff=TortoiseGitIDiff.exe
26rem Convert SVG to PNG using Inkscape
27"%inkscape%" -e "%f1%" %1
28"%inkscape%" -e "%f2%" %2
30rem Call Tortoise differ
31"%tgitidiff%" /left:"%f1%" /right:"%f2%" /lefttitle:%3 /righttitle:%4