0025169: STEP Reader - allow opened shells to be an outer for ManifoldSolidBrep
[occt.git] / .gitattributes
49036370 1.gitattributes eol=lf
2.gitignore eol=lf
3*.txt eol=lf
4*.h eol=lf
5*.c eol=lf
6*.inl eol=lf
7*.cpp eol=lf
8*.cxx eol=lf
9*.gxx eol=lf
10*.hxx eol=lf
11*.ixx eol=lf
12*.jxx eol=lf
13*.lxx eol=lf
14*.pxx eol=lf
e276548b 15*.cl eol=lf
49036370 16*.cdl eol=lf
17*.edl eol=lf
cfb698b9 18*.yacc eol=lf
19*.lex eol=lf
49036370 20*.mm eol=lf
21*.el eol=lf
22*.sh eol=lf
23*.csh eol=lf
24*.tcl eol=lf
25*.workspace eol=lf
26*.cbp eol=lf
27*.svg eol=lf
28*.xib eol=lf
29*.plist eol=lf
30*.java eol=lf
31*.igs eol=lf
32*.iges eol=lf
33*.stp eol=lf
34*.step eol=lf
35*.brep eol=lf
36*.rle eol=lf
37*.vrml eol=lf
72b7576f 38*.md eol=lf
622d7f53 39*.natvis eol=lf
49036370 40FILES eol=lf
41PACKAGES eol=lf
42EXTERNLIB eol=lf
43UDLIST eol=lf
44*.bat eol=crlf
45*.cmd eol=crlf
46*.rc eol=crlf
47*.cs eol=crlf
48*.def eol=crlf
49*.iss eol=crlf
50*.ini eol=crlf
51*.lng eol=crlf
52*.vcproj eol=crlf
53*.csproj eol=crlf
54*.vcxproj* eol=crlf
55*.sln eol=crlf
56*.res eol=crlf
57*.resx eol=crlf
58*.dll binary
59*.so binary
60*.dylib binary
61*.7z binary
62*.pdf binary
63*.png binary
64*.jpg binary
65*.bmp binary
66*.gif binary
67*.xwd binary
68*.ico binary
69*.icns binary
70*.std binary
71*.gz binary
72*.doc binary
73*.rgb binary
74*.mft binary
75*.stl binary