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2 days ago jgv0028828: Modeling Algorithms - New functionalities... IR-2018-11-16 master
3 days ago nbv0025950: Bad performance of intersection algorithm. IR-WEEK46
3 days ago kgv0030374: Visualization, TKOpenGl - activate texture...
3 days ago ika0030362: Data Exchange - Writing dimensions with inches...
3 days ago nbv0030354: BOP Cut doesn't modify the attached face
5 days ago oan0028379: BRepMesh produces mangled mesh for a cone
5 days ago nbv0025952: Wrong intersection curve
8 days ago nbv0030234: BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh fail to discretize... IR-2018-11-09
8 days ago nbv0029962: Master version of BRepMesh does not respect...
8 days ago nbv0029685: Meshing - BRepMesh does not respect requested...
8 days ago nbv0029751: Incremental mesh produces different meshes...
8 days ago nbv0027158: BRepMesh manage vertex tolerance in parametric...
8 days ago nbv0026889: Very poor mesh result from shape
8 days ago nbv0023795: Performance regression of meshing
8 days ago nbv0026928: Edges are meshed too coarsly
8 days ago nbv0030345: Mesh, BRepMesh_CurveTessellator - GCPnts_Tange...
4 days ago V7_3_0p2
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14 months ago V7_2_0
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16 months ago V7_0_1_FIXJ
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17 months ago V_01_2017_06_30
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